Terms and Conditions
  1. Once course is purchased amount will not be refunded.
  2. Videos will not be downloaded in our website.
  3. You can download videos in our mobile app and watch them later on offline mode in our mobile app.
  4. Once videos downloaded. These videos will be available for 30 days only. After 30 days you again need to download the same. It is applicable only for course duration period.
  5. Downloaded videos are restricted to only one device. If you login to some other device using your credentials, downloaded videos may not be present or it may expire in newly signed-in device, you need to download it again to enjoy course videos.
  6. Once course duration is completed and if you wish to continue you need to renew the course by yourself.
  7. User Id and Password should be used only by the owner of the account. If someone else uses your account, your account will be automatically deactivated. Also, it will be considered as cyber offence and GroupsAdda has legal rights to file a case on that particular user.