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Civil Engineering


Stresses in beams; combined bending and direct stresses; axially and eccentrically loaded columns

Closed-coiled and open-coiled; helical springs under axial load and axial twist; carriage springs

Analysis of thin and thick cylinders; compound cylinders

Analysis of statically determinate plane trusses; method of joints and method of sections

Deflection and slope of beams by Double integration Macaulay"s, Moment area and Conjugate beam methods

Analysis of statically indeterminate beams by flexibility and stiffness methods; propped cantilevers, fixed beams and continuous beams

Strain energy method, slope-deflection method, moment distribution method and Kaini's method of analysis of indeterminate structures.

Struts subjected to axial loads, buckling, Euler's formula for strut with different support conditions


Reinforced concrete, concrete technology, R.C.C. Design, working stress method and limit state method, Design of beams, design of axially loaded columns, Design of one-way and two-way slabs, design of continuous beams and slabs; Design of wall footings and isolated footings, combined footings, raft foundations, and retaining walls by limit state method, water tanks, Deck-slab and T-beam bridges by working stress method. Structural Steel — design of riveted and welded joints, design of tension members; Design of compression members; simple and compound beams. Design of plate girders, crane girders and roof-trusses. Elements of pre-stressed concrete.


Fluid properties; fluid statics; fluid-flow concepts; Laminar and turbulent flow; steady and unsteady-flow, uniform and non-uniform flow; continuity equation; Euler's equation of motion; Bernoulli's equation, Hydrostatic force on plane and curved surface

Momentum equation and applications; Moment of Momentum equation, Dimensional analysis and similitude; Flow through Pipes: Viscous flow-laminar flow through circular pipes; velocity distribution in laminar flow. Turbulent flow in pipes, velocity distribution in turbulent flow

Flow Measuring Devices- Measurement of discharge, venturimeter, orifice meter, notches and weirs, Measurement of velocity, Pitot tube 

Hydraulic machines; Turbines and pumps; basic equations; performance selection, specific speed


Chain surveying; compass surveying, plane table surveying; leveling and contouring, Minor instruments; Areas and Volumes; Theodolite surveying and traversing; Tachometry; Curve ranging; setting out works.

Principles and uses of triangulation, hydrographic surveying, Arial photogrammetry and photo interpretation, remote sensing and electromagnetic distance measurement.


Physical properties of soils; identification and classification of soils; soil compaction; permeability and seepage; stress distribution in soil; consolidation; shear strength of soil; stability of earth slopes; site investigation and sub soil exploration; lateral earth pressure and retaining walls; bearing capacity and shallow foundations; pile foundations; well foundations; Machine foundations.

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